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  • 4.5 / 5
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Datos del proveedor

  • Mango
  • http://www.mangolive.com/
  • Fundada en 2006

Información sobre este software

Mango controls every aspect of your environmental, health & safety (EHS) management system; including: policies, procedures & forms (with single-source document control); accidents & incidents; hazard & risk management; and people management (competencies & training).

  • Air Management
  • Analytics
  • Archiving & Retention
  • Asbestos Inventory
  • Audit Management
  • Audit Trail
  • Auditing
  • Business Process Control
  • Compliance Management
  • Controls Testing
  • Corrective / Preventive Actions
  • Corrective Actions (CAPA)
  • Dashboard
  • Data Visualization
  • Defect Tracking
  • Document Management
  • Emissions Inventory
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Equipment Management
  • Exceptions Management
  • FDA Compliance
  • Feedback Tracking
  • Forms Management
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Hazardous Materials Control
  • ISO Compliance
  • ISO Standards Management
  • Incident Management
  • Industrial Safety Management
  • Injury Reporting
  • Inspection Management
  • Internal Controls Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Legal Risk
  • MSDS
  • Maintenance Management
  • Nonconformance Tracking
  • OSHA Compliance
  • OSHA Recordkeeping
  • Occupational Health Management
  • Operational Risk
  • Reputational Risk
  • Risk Alerts
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management
  • Safety Risk Assessment
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
  • Supplier Quality Control
  • Sustainability Management
  • Tank Inventory
  • Testing Management
  • Training Management
  • Version Control
  • Waste Management
  • Water Management

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Mango has allowed us to streamline health, safety, environmental and quality management.

En general
5 / 5
Facilidad de uso
4 / 5
Características y funcionalidad
5 / 5
Asistencia al cliente
5 / 5
Relación calidad-precio

Puntos a favor: Mango is one of the few pieces of software which allows you to integrate Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality Management systems. It is also very good value and affordable for smaller businesses.
Mango is easy to use especially when our triple certification audits are taking place. All documents are right at our fingertips and the functionalities in the software conform to HSEQ Standards.
We are able to manage our employees and sub-contractors with notifications before licences, insurances and qualifications are due to run out.
Mango has an App which is great for business such as ours where staff work on construction sites. Risks, incidents, improvements and the like can be reported immediately.
Reminders and notifications can be sent to all staff from Mango.
The customer support is excellent and they take on board ideas and suggestions.

Puntos en contra: Setting up all of the systems (ie risk registers and compliance details) can take a long time.
The set up for sub-contractors only allows some information to be inputted as it is included under Suppliers and thus does not connect in to HR or the HR options.

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very good

En general
4 / 5
Facilidad de uso
3 / 5
Características y funcionalidad
5 / 5
Asistencia al cliente
4 / 5
Relación calidad-precio

Puntos a favor: The system once set up organises the entire process and is set and forget until a reminder comes. This set up reduces resource requirements to meet the standards
If someone is away the system makes sure someone knows what is required
automated follow up of inaction and reminders

Puntos en contra: we actually need software to manage the ISO process without needing a lot more staff to manage
training our staff on how to use the system
Doesnt have a maintenance reporting module in the app system
Nothing else as it is very good system